While it’s important to learn about one’s ability to drive sales, meet sales objectives, create the sales strategy, hire the right team, etc.  DO NOT overlook the candidate’s success at developing sales talent.

It is essential to do a deep dive on learning about the people that (s)he developed:

*rookie sales people
*seasoned sales people
*the goals v. deliverables of those people
*identifying high potentials and continuous coaching/training of them
*coaching & transforming under-performers
*ongoing training, expected take aways from tag team sales calls
*sales methodology and process that (s)he implemented and/or modified

Learn about the candidate’s:

*Protégés and how (s)he contributed to their success
*Key takeaways from working with those specific individuals
*Biggest disappointments on his/her team and ask what he/she could have done differently

There are NUMEROUS behavioral and situational questions to ask; the key point: the “Head of” is only as good as the people (s)he has on the team; impacting the continuous development of those people is something that must not be overlooked.