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Why C-Suite
 Luxury Service at an affordable price… imagine that.

We combine world-class service standards with best-in-class recruitment and business practices. Our contemporary and fiscally-sound processes and business models are clearly not search industry standards:

  • We do not believe in the "one recruiter to one gig" models.
  • We do not believe in charging full fees regardless of whether or not a placement is made.
  • We do not believe in outdated, inflated fee structures.
  • We do not believe in "my" — my client, my candidates, my search.  We believe in "our".
  • We do not discriminate based on the size of one’s pocketbook.
  • We do believe in providing the industries that we serve with access to both extraordinary talent and service.
  • We do understand cash flow and budget restrictions.
  • We do have a passion for driving successful outcomes.

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 Prior to assisting your organization, C-suite will customize a strategic plan that will help define the level of talent and resources needed to help you achieve corporate vision, objectives and growth plans.