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6June 2019

Stop Trying to Find the Elusive Culture Fit

June 6th, 2019|

For years, startups focused on finding candidates that were a “culture fit.” The reasoning was that because a new hire is often joining small teams where people will spend lots of time together, you want to hire someone who will [...]

4February 2019


February 4th, 2019|

Never underestimate the impact of a heartfelt “thank you”. No matter your age or stature, say it with meaning and mean what you say. Motivation is often a direct result of feeling appreciated. www.c-suite.com #blessedtopartnerwithgenuinepeople

14December 2018

I Love What I Do

December 14th, 2018|

I posted this last summer but today is one of those days that reminded me of how fortunate I am to do something I truly love... There are some difficult days in the world of retained executive search; however, [...]

8October 2018

True Colors

October 8th, 2018|

Sad but true...responding to unsolicited job seekers is apparently the exception rather than the rule... I received this note from a gentleman earlier this morning... 10:19 AM  Barbara, Can I just say that even though you do not currently have [...]

20September 2018

Customized Training – October Schedule

September 20th, 2018|

Attention Staffing Industry Professionals:  The October schedule for C-suite's 60 minute training webinars is released: 10/03 — Intro to the Staffing Industry 10/10 — Recruiting Talent 10/17 — Client Service 10/24 — Gross Margin v. Mark up Audience: * Staffing [...]

17September 2018

No More Unicorns

September 17th, 2018|

As a trusted search partner we have a responsibility to tell a client if in fact they are asking for something that doesn't exist PRIOR to taking on the search. I just had a conversation with [...]

23August 2018

When Hiring Executive Sales Leaders…

August 23rd, 2018|

While it's important to learn about one's ability to drive sales, meet sales objectives, create the sales strategy, hire the right team, etc.  DO NOT overlook the candidate's success at developing sales talent. It is essential to do a [...]

7August 2018

I Love What I Do

August 7th, 2018|

There are some difficult days in the world of retained executive search; however, the things that keep me loving my career... * Bringing talent and client companies together. * When a client company asks for my opinion as to [...]

3August 2018

A Character Test

August 3rd, 2018|

Several months ago we were managing a CHRO search for one of our client's portfolio companies. The candidate was scheduled for a full day of interviews with the CEO, CFO & COO of the hiring company and the CHRO [...]

30July 2018

Hiring Decisions Are Life Altering

July 30th, 2018|

Don't ever underestimate the ​impact that you and your business have on others. As a business that helps companies find their greatest assets...their people (in our case they're at the executive levels)...our responsibility is enormous. These are life altering decisions [...]

26July 2018

Finding the Right Cultural Fit

July 26th, 2018|

The most important aspect of what we do as an executive recruiter for both the client companies and candidates that we serve is identifying the right cultural fit since the wrong fit causes disruption, angst, low morale and lost [...]

15July 2018

Summertime Hires

July 15th, 2018|

D​on't let summer vacations get in the way of those critical executive hiring needs. C-suite's process continues throughout the summer without ANY interruptions. 30 month guarantee - It's all about "fit". #H2H  #executiverecruiting  #culturalfitiskey www.c-suitecorp.com