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buttons_c.gifAccess Executive Talent on an Interim This “just-in-time” staffing solution provides companies the benefit of “renting” executive talent on an “as need basis.” C-suite applies the same quality process for identifying senior talent as we would for conducting an executive search. Rather than incur the costs associated with hiring a full time executive,  interim  executives are billed out on a per diem or per project basis.

Benefit to clients:

  • This option removes the uncertainty that is often involved with hiring outside consultants. Spanning the enterprise, our interim executives range from C-level down to Director level.
  • For newly created positions, utilizing an interim executive affords companies the opportunity to refine the scope of the role prior to hiring someone directly.
  • Provides a collapsible/expandable workforce that mirrors the peaks and valleys of your business cycles.
  • The "renting" with-an-option-to-buy helps companies determine cultural fit.
  • National as well as international talent pool can assist with overseas projects.
  • Whether you're downsizing or right sizing, you need to keep up with workflow demands.

Read the headlines and article from Advertising Age ...

Beware, CMO: A Temp Might Steal Your Post
Economy Stokes Trend Toward Short-Term Hires in Marketing Suite

The hard times facing the marketing industry may be only temporary, but so, it turns out, are a lot of the jobs.

With an increasing number of companies looking to reduce the full-time head counts in their marketing departments, and a glut of experienced baby boomers available to do consulting stints, a growing number of marketers are looking to fill brand-manager, project-leader and even marketing-director positions with short-term employees.

A trend tracker on Indeed, a search engine that scans U.S. job listings throughout the internet, shows a sharp spike since May on listings that include the word "temporary" in ads seeking marketing managers, directors and researchers. The spike punctuates a general uptick in such marketing listings relative to all postings since 2005.

The percentage of online job listings containing the words "temporary," "marketing" and "director" surged roughly 50% between May 1 and July 31, according to Indeed.com, even though the trend line for just "marketing" and "director" remained flat during the period.

"I'm finding a lot more companies now are [using] contract employees and consultants at the higher-level jobs, such as director of marketing and senior brand managers," said Michael Carrillo, president of CPG Jobs, which operates the job site CPGjoblist. He also works as a recruiter.